Hi, I'm Luke

As a designer, I love enabling accessibility and creating tools and systems that support teams to produce inclusive and accessible products.



I work as a Senior Product Designer on the sales team to improve the overall experience of new users joining nib and doing so through experimentation and research. In addition to this, I help drive nib's accessibility efforts, and I help manage a focus group of a11ycats. This is an internal group that provides guidance and helps people gain confidence with digital accessibility.

At Greater, I helped shape the product design language and digital experiences across iOS, Android and Web. Leading design in Payments, Cards, messaging and notifications, to name a few key areas. I also created tools and plugins to help the workflows of designers and developers.

Additionally, I worked on a business case for a robust and accessible design system, creating a working MVP that relevant stakeholders approved. Unfortunately, it never shipped due to the company merging.

I worked closely with the teaching staff to understand friction points they were experiencing with an internal SharePoint site. I created a new IA and rebuilt a more accessible website that launched internally.

Before my career in design, I spent nearly a decade working in the electrical industry, constructing power lines and substations and maintaining infrastructure.

Side projects


Website (Coming soon)

After developing an accessibility audit process that worked for me, I created Sa11y, a user-friendly website to share the process to help beginners start their accessibility journey.


When I joined nib, I wanted a way to preview all the components available in our design system. So, I developed a simple site to show visuals of the components and link them to the design system. I shared it around and have received lots of positive feedback.

Figma plugin

DesignSync is a Figma plugin for designers to help standardise and organise their design files for developer handoff and better overall navigation and discoverability.

Figma plugin

This plugin allows designers to view key states such as empty states, error states across iOS, Android and Web. Then generate the selected screen onto the canvas.

Figma plugin

After the release of the TV show Ted, I decided to up my Lorem Ipsum game and make a plugin that replaces placeholder text with quotes from the show.

Figma resource

This is just a simple file showing how dynamic type changes font sizes in designs that used Apple type. I translated the fonts from Xcode PT's into Figma PXs.

Python script

When auditing design system colours, I needed a method to determine if a hex value was associated with a specific colour token. This script enables you to analyze hex values and in case of no match, it will locate the nearest color token.

A bit about me

I'm from a coastal town on the east coast of Australia, where I studied Visual Communication and Design at the University of Newcastle. When I'm not designing or coding, I enjoy hanging out with my fiance, taking our Mini schnauzer (Dolly) for walks and playing video games with friends. (I love RPG's).

Random fun facts: I love pizza, Hip-hop is the best (Mos Def + Wu-tang), Diablo 2 consumed my childhood, introverted, Macadonian on my Dad's side, Parks and recreation is better than the office . . . I have a forklift licence.

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